About us

What is AF First Milk?

AF First Milk is a strategic alliance between First Milk and Anglia Farmers, to ensure members of First Milk can access their farming inputs at the best possible value, whilst saving time and resource.

Anglia Farmers is the largest agricultural purchasing group in the UK, with a buying power in excess of £250 million.

How does AF First Milk work?

AF First Milk is funded by a levy that is specific to the product category. Prices quoted are without the levy, and without VAT.

What products can AF First Milk source?

Feed compounds, straights, minerals, protected fats, straight feed supplements, molasses, sugar beet pulp and wet feed can all be sourced at competitive prices.

Livestock equipment all steelwork products (gates, crushes , feed barriers, cubicles, troughs and hurdles), electric fencing, ear tags and work wear.

A full range of animal health products including POM-V delivered to your door. Semen, dairy hygiene, foot care products and show equipment.

We achieve average savings of 10 – 25%

Arden Bedding

Preferential rates available to members

Genus offer

AF First Milk are now able to make even more savings as the levy on Semen has been reduced